XYLITOL EXPERTS  –  a page where you can find out all about xylitol:

Video and audio clips are a great way to learn more about anything. Listening and watching is so much easier than reading, and much more fun too!

Xylitol Experts - Video Library

Please click here to go to our video library, which features some of the world’s foremost xylitol experts in the field of xylitol research. Interviews have been edited into short and informative clips to make them totally user-friendly.

You could also watch the same videos on our Youtube Page.

Our flagship products, Xlear Nasal Spray and Kids Xlear, were developed by an Osteopathic Physician, Dr Lon Jones, who was the Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at Texas Tech University Medical School until his recent retirement.

Xylitol Experts - Q&A with Dr Lon

Please click here to go to his Q&A with Dr. Lon page. This is a series of audio clips that were recorded here in South Africa when he and his wife Jerry visited a few years ago. Just as with the short videos in our library, these audio clips play in real time and you can learn all about the sinuses and how to look after them.