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Sparx Kiddies Sweets with Xylitol

SparX Xylitol Candy

   SparX Xylitol Candy:

   Sweetened with 100% xylitol only,

   Sparx are delicious, colourful,

   and good for your teeth!



SparX Xylitol Candy are sweets bursting with natural fruit flavours!

They are sweetened exclusively with 100% pure (pharmaceutical grade) xylitol. The sweets are sold in 30 gram plastic tubes and are available in three exciting mixed flavourings called – Berry, Citrus and Fruit. Each mix contains four flavours.

SparX are perfectly safe even for babies, because they’re small enough not to cause choking.

SparX are just what moms and other health-conscious people have been craving—sweetened with 100% xylitol.

They’re a tasty treat that’s actually GOOD FOR YOU!

SparX Xylitol Candy - Citrus

    Citrus Sparx natural flavourings:

     lemon, lime, orange & tangerine



SparX Xylitol Candy - Berry


    Berry Sparx natural flavourings:

    blueberry, blackberry, raspberry & strawberry



SparX Xylitol Candy - Fruit


    Fruit Sparx natural flavourings:

    apple, banana, grape & peach



SparX Xylitol Candy - Happy Girl    Ingredients:

Xylitol (pharmaceutical grade)

Gum Arabic

Natural Flavouring

Calcium Glycerophosphate

Magnesium Stearate

Beeswax,   Natural Colours (from Hibiscus flower petals)



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