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Kids Xlear Sinus Care

Kid’s Xlear Sinus Care

the natural solution for sinus and middle-ear infections!

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Kids Xlear Sinus Care is a patented product that was developed with children in mind. It’s a drug-free and all-natural nasal spray that contains an optimal level of xylitol –  a natural sugar with anti-bacterial properties that moisturises as it cleans.


More than 80% of all infections enter our bodies through the nose. Antihistamines and decongestants tend to dry out the airways and sinuses, making our children much more vulnerable to infections.  It makes sense therefore, to help your child’s nose to function optimally.


Patented Kid’s Xlear Xylitol Sinus Care spray provides an effective dose of all-natural xylitol in a mild saline solution. Kid’s Xlear is a soothing way to hydrate and moisturise a child’s nasal passages and sinuses, without exposure to drugs that may become habit-forming.


Xylitol’s ability to draw moisture from the mucous membranes, helps to keep the nasal passages and sinuses moist and clean for a much longer time than an ordinary saline spray does. Interestingly, the bacteria responsible for recurring middle-ear infections live in colonies at the back of the nose and the throat (and migrate up the Eustachian tubes where they multiply and cause infections).

Clinical studies have demonstrated Xylitol’s ability to disrupt these colonies (called biofilm), causing them to lose their adhesive ability. This basically means that the bacteria are dislodged, and washed away naturally. This anti-bacterial characteristic, together with its ability to thin-down mucous, is what  makes Kid’s Xlear so efficient and therapeutic.

Kids Xlear not only moisturises and soothes – it also helps to reduce infections of both the sinuses and the middle ear.

During the research phase, the developer of Xlear Nasal Sprays, Dr. Lon Jones, observed a reduction in middle-ear infections of more than 90 percent in his patients that were using the product. If you would like to find out more, please click here for


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