SPRY Xylitol Tooth Gel

 Spry Xylitol Tooth Gel Pacifier Kit

SPRY Xylitol Tooth Gel:

Less mess or fuss than brushing with toothpaste, coupled with the great, proven dental benefits of Xylitol!

Spry Xylitol Tooth Gel is delicious and all-natural. It contains an effective amount of Xylitol for controlling and reducing levels of the bacteria that cause tooth decay. It also contains Calcium Glycerophosphate, which the Xylitol uses for strengthening the enamel of emerging teeth. Xylitol acts as a “carrier” for the Calcium and Phosphorus, the primary minerals in tooth enamel.

One tube of our original unflavoured Spry Xylitol Tooth Gel is included in our Tooth Gel Pacifier Kit. Our German quality medical grade silicone dispensing pacifier (dummy) is BPA-free. Use it after feeds to increase your child’s salivary alkalinity and mineral levels, and decrease the levels of the bad bacteria (Strep. mutans) at the same time. The kit also includes a small bottle of Xlear Nasal Spray. This can be used either as a spray or dropper as a soothing way to help keep baby’s nose clear. It will also help to reduce middle-ear infections by up to 90%!

Kids love the naturally sweet xylitol taste!

The sooner children start to use xylitol products regularly, the more help they will have against tooth decay. We like to refer to xylitol as a “Candy-Floss for the 21st Century”. This is because it tastes like candy, and cleans between the teeth like a floss, but is much more effective because it works at a molecular level!

Why is it so important to get your child onto xylitol as early as possible? In this short video, Dr. John Peldyak, paediatric Dentist, xylitol researcher & author answers this question…

Spry xylitol tooth gel

SPRY Baby Banana Brush:

Our new Baby Banana Brush and Spry Xylitol Tooth Gel Kit makes toothbrushing FUN! This is the safest and most durable alternative for your active toddler. Your child will find the chunky handle easy to grip, and will love chewing on the soft flexible bristles. It’s also an ideal opportunity to incorporate xylitol into his or her daily routine at an extremely important stage of tooth development.

The Baby Banana Brush was designed by Oral Hygienist, Heather Philips. This brush is virtually indestructible, can be boiled and frozen, and will last under normal use until your little one starts asking you for a “big person’s tooth brush”.

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Baby Banana Brush teether & training tooth-brush                   Octobrush teether & training tooth-brush                   Sharky Brush teether & training tooth-brush

Developed by an Oral Hygienist mother for ages 3 months and up

Infant oral care guidelines enclosed

Latex-free, non-allergenic (13 cm. long), dishwasher safe                     

Virtually indestructible & much safer than an ordinary toothbrush

Tips for Use (Pacifier Kit & Baby Banana Brush)

  • When pacifier (dummy) is being used, squirt dose (as per the package insert) into the cap and clip closed. Baby will love the natural xylitol flavour!
  • You could also apply the tooth gel to a cotton swab and apply it directly to the gums and teeth
  • Apply a few drops onto the Baby Banana Brush before brushing.
  • Add a few more drops to the brush after brushing, and let your child practice brushing by himself / herself.
  • During teething, place the bristle section of the Brush into iced water for a while. Chewing on this really helps to soothe baby’s gums!

The SPRY Xylitol Tooth Gel comes in 60ml. tubes, and three delicious flavours:

SPRY Xylitol Tooth Gel in 3 exciting flavours


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